A Site, Utility and Road construction company

Incorporated in 1987, S.U.R. Construction, Inc. is primarily a Site, Utility and Road construction company with projects generally ranging from $100,000 to $15,000,000. Based in New Hampshire, S.U.R. has a main office in Rochester, on the eastern border of the state. Though the majority of our contracts are in New Hampshire, the location of the office offers easy access to our neighboring states of Maine and Massachusetts, where we continue to work as well.

Simple Philosophy

We at S.U.R. have strong work ethics and our philosophy is simple. We feel that positive attitudes, courtesy and hard work go a long way.

The Owners are on the Job

Clients can always be assured of excellent workmanship. The owners of S.U.R. Construction, Inc., Bill Creteau, Andy LePage and Jason deWildt, are actively involved in all projects and can regularly be found at the job sites.


Employees, many who have been with S.U.R. since the beginning, bring experience, capabilities and enthusiasm that have also enabled S.U.R. to quickly become a major presence in an active construction market.


S.U.R. has built up a fleet of construction equipment over the years that are used on all our jobs. We have a 6000 SF shop that houses machinery and supplies to service our equipment and trucks. The equipment is kept in excellent condition by both caterpillar mechanics and our mechanics who service them either in house or at the job site.


In an industry where technology advances every day, S.U.R. is proud to be a part of an ever changing business and we strive to continuously expand our knowledge. For the past decade, S.U.R. has purchased and utilized GPS software and equipment to increase our productivity, production and accuracy.

Scheduling & Communication

S.U.R. does pride itself in being an accomplished company. We are sensitive to scheduling and understand the importance of ongoing communication.


S.U.R. engages in construction projects for many towns, states, general contractors, construction managers, engineers and developers.