Our employees bring years of experience & capabilities that make up S.U.R.’s highly qualified Utility construction crews.

After being with S.U.R. many years, our employees carry out the company’s expectations of quality, production and organization while keeping safety first at all times.  All of our employees are OSHA certified and our shoring capabilities allow us to install utilities at depths of over 20-feet.

Colonial Pines Sewer Project, Rochester NH

Our utility crews have extensive knowledge in all utility construction including:

  • Pressurized Water Mains & Services
  • Gravity Sewer Mains & Services
  • Pressurized Force Mains & Pump Stations
  • Open and Closed Drainage Systems
  • Gas Mains
  • Electrical/Telephone/Communications Conduit

A sample of some of S.U.R. utility contracts are as follows:

  • Dover Landfill, Dover, NH (Total Contract: $1.4 Million)
    • 1,500 LF of 12” SDR-35 Gravity Sewer, Manholes and Associated Services
    • 6,600 LF of 6” HDPE Force Main
    • Submersed Dual Pump Station with 20’ Deep Wetwell and Associated Valve Pit
    • 160’ Pipe Bridge over Cocheco River
  • Hanover Street, Portsmouth, NH (Total Contract: $108,000)
    • 36” RCP Drainage Replacement in Downtown
    • Extensive Traffic Control and Detour Plans

Long Sands Beach, York ME
  • Waste Management, Rochester, NH (Total Contracts: Over $5 Million)
    • Over the Years, we have Completed Miles of Utility Work at Waste Management
    • Single Walled HDPE Force Mains and Collection Systems
    • Dual Walled HDPE Force Mains and Collection Systems
    • C-900 PVC Water Mains
    • SDR Sewer Force Mains and Pump Stations
  • Drainage Improvements, York, ME (Total Contract: $1.3 Million)
    • (4) Separate Drainage Projects Completed in (4) Months During Winter.
    • Short Sands Beach, Long Sands Beach, Downtown and Neighborhood Locations.
    • 7,500 LF of Drainage Pipe
    • (95) Catch Basins/Manholes
  • Little Falls Bridge Road, Rochester, NH (Total Contract: $1.6 Million)
    • 9,400 LF of 12” Ductile Iron Water Main
    • Hang 180 LF of Insulated Water Main Under Existing Bridge
    • (60) Copper Services Including Roadway Boring
  • East Rochester Neighborhood, Rochester, NH (Total Contract: $7.1 Million)
    • Infiltration/Inflow Work of Entire East Rochester Neighborhood
    • Over (100) Manholes Repaired or Replaced
    • CIP Lining Systems
    • Replacement of over 10,000 LF of Drainage/Sewer Utilities