S.U.R. has been involved with many site contracts, both local projects and some outside our neighboring Towns and Cities. Part of what we enjoy most is that all our projects are different in composition and size.  We have completed sites in the busy downtown of Portsmouth, NH as well as sites in the rural areas of North Berwick, ME.  Some of our larger sites have been (50) acre manufacturing facilities and some of our smallest sites have been (1) acre dentist offices.   

Portwalk Hotel, Portsmouth, NH

S.U.R. is responsive to our clients and completes projects in a timely manner. We accomplish this by:

  • Fully understanding the project sequence and schedule
  • Providing the right construction equipment and personnel for the job
  • Completing site layouts with advanced GPS computerized equipment
  • Utilizing our dedicated office support

Here’s a sampling of S.U.R. site contracts that are either currently underway or have been completed in recent years:

  • Noble High School, No. Berwick, ME (Total Contract: $4 Million)
    • Site Work Construction of the New High School Building
    • Construction of all Parking Lots & Utilities
    • Construction of all Athletic Fields
  • Howard Dental, Dover, NH (Total Contract: $350,000)
    • Sitework Construction of a New 5,500 SF Dental Office Building
    • Construction of Parking Lots and Utilities
    • Gravel Wetland Construction
  • Wentworth Douglas Hospital, Dover, NH (Total Contract: $730,000)
    • Sitework Construction of a New 16,200 SF Multi-Story Inpatient Bed Wing
    • Full Building Basement Excavation
    • 1,000 SF of Retaining Walls
    • Complete Utility Construction
  • Liberty Mutual, Dover, NH (Total Contract: $1 Million)
    • Construction of a (2) Acre Parking Lot on a (5) Acre Site
    • Construction of 5,000 SF of Retaining Walls
    • Drill, Blast & Remove 5,000 CY of Ledge
    • Construct a ¼ Mile Walking Path with a Precast Concrete Bridge over Adjacent Wetlands
  • Safran Aerospace International, Rochester, NH (Total Contract: $4.5 Million)
    • Sitework Construction of a (25) Acre Property for a (10) Acre Manufacturing Facility
    • Roadway and Parking Lot Construction
    • Complete Utility Construction
    • Wetland Mitigtion and Creation
  • Portwalk Place, Portsmouth, NH (Total Contract: $1.4 Million)
    • (8) Acre Hotel Site in Downtown Portsmouth
    • Full Underground Parking Garage Excavation and Construction
    • Extensive Dewatering and Sheeting System for Excavation
    • Full Utility Construction
  • Wells Athletic Field, Wells, ME (Total Contract: $540,000)
    • Reconstruction of Existing Athletic Field and Track
    • Complete Underdrain System
    • Reshape, GPS Grade and Sod Installation
    • Plexitrac Track Surfacing
AC Hotel by Marriot, Portsmouth NH construction site
AC Hotel by Marriot, Portsmouth NH